Who is Robbin Brandley

Robbin BrandleyRobbin was born December 6, 1962, at Community Hospital in Long Beach. She was named Dana Lynne Reilley.

She was the first child and only daughter of Genelle Ramsey and Jack Reilley, high school sweethearts who married in 1959. A year later on December 21, 1963, her brother, Paul Kevin Reilley, was born at the same hospital.

While young teens in Missouri, Dana and Paul’s names were changed legally to Robbin and Jayeson Brandley.

Robbin was a wonderful child and a beautiful young woman with a cheerful personality and a wide, bright, happy smile. Robbin dealt with people gracefully and made friends easily. She had an outgoing personality. She had a great sense of humor and laughed often, she loved a joke.

Robbin loved to write. She wrote continuously; she wrote short stories, was an avid diarist, a reporter-editor for her high school newspaper and a DJ on the Saddleback College radio station. Robbin was a good, structured writer with a reporter’s instinct for a story.

Robbin was a gymnast, liked to work out and exercise and was committed to her health and diet. Robbin was quick, swift and strong.

Robbin loved to work, especially at jobs where she met people. She was eager to work, getting her first job when she turned 16. She was a go-getter!

Robbin was on the scholastic honor society lists. She was active in student government. Robbin participated actively for charitable causes.

Robbin’s first year in college was at Southeast Missouri University (SEMO). She decided to move back home to California with her family in January, 1983, where she continued her education at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, CA. Robbin was accepted at University of California San Diego (UCSD) to earn her communication degree beginning with the Spring 1986 semester. Robbin was finishing her last days at Saddleback when she was murdered. She was thrilled to move to San Diego and finish her education, raring to go!

Robbin was fascinated with the promotion and business side of the writing, communication and entertainment industries. She loved the word “entrepreneur” and that was what she decided to be.

Robbin discouraged steady boyfriends and serious involvement because she wanted a career first. She enjoyed dating. She loved social and charitable events. She was an excellent person to person “networker.”

Robbin was never married and had no children, but she looked forward to marriage and a family.

Robbin planned a wonderful future and was anxious to finish her degree while getting started with her career. She had plans and was excited about her future and life.

Robbin liked who she was and so did everyone else -  Genelle Reilley

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