The Harassment


Our civil and human rights have been taken from us

Description of Harassment by the Orange County Sheriff
and District Attorney Offices

Genelle and Jack Reilley
Laguna Beach, CA 92651




We believe that for over two decades there has been a cover-up of Robbin Brandley’s murder by the Orange County law enforcement that started immediately after Robbin’s death. The purpose: to preserve, keep free of scandal, the 1980s reputations of Orange County in general and Saddleback Community College in particular. The key decision was to make Robbin’s murder a cold case, unsolved and unsolvable, and bury the murder in the files, forgotten. This cover-up resulted in seven additional murders of young women in California and Illinois…total eight.

In November 2011, Urdiales was finally extradited to Orange County, CA, 26+ years after Robbin’s murder and 15+ years after his confession. The state of Illinois ended capital punishment thus ending all death sentence appeals in that state. This action deprived Orange County of its key tactic to keep Urdiales tied down in Illinois courts for years, thus avoiding extradition, a trial and the unraveling of the cover-up.

We began asking questions, trying to square the round holes between Urdiales’ confession and the Sheriff and District Attorney’s cover-up and prosecution delay.

Why Does Law Enforcement Harass Us? Simple: They Can

Before judging our harassment claims, we want you to compare what happened to us in the early-mid 2000s versus what is happening to all United States citizens now, in 2014. In the name of security, our privacy and liberties are under attack by our government, our police, by business, by private investigators, by individuals to name a few and it is going to get more invasive and extensive.

In January 2014, our President made a speech wherein he said the NSA, the super-snoop, will continue to collect data on law abiding, honest citizens. The real problem is finding a new place to store (hide) the data out of public sight and consciousness. Now that’s how to solve the problem!

In 2005, our claims of surveillance and harassment were considered preposterous. We were nutballs to be pitied or ridiculed for slandering authority. Compared to today’s technology, our harassment was simple, even primitive. It required “operatives,” people interacting with us, to carry out the surveillance and harassment actions. Today, the operatives are gone, part of the vast unemployed.

Government and police agencies have immense authority under the Patriot Act and Homeland Security law. The new technology is fungible, interchangeable, between government, private data gatherers, retailers, social media: almost anybody can collect data without the target-victim, you, having a clue as to what is going on until you are denied something or accused of…anything. Since 9/11, the snooping technology has revolutionized data collection and spying beyond our imaginations. The question is not what will “they” do, the question is what they can’t do!

So, if you think our complaints from 10 years ago seem preposterous to you, we say you won’t think that for long. We were fortunate, we could see it happening to us. Nobody even knows what is happening to them today.

When Did The Harassment Begin?
The harassment attack on us began in earnest when the cover-up and lies were threatened with collapse after the unexpected confession of Andrew Urdiales in 1997. The confession raised multiple questions and contradictions that have never been answered by law enforcement.

In December 2003 Senior Assistant DA Howard Gundy told us that Orange County would not try Urdiales for Robbin’s murder. He said, “The physical evidence at the scene of the crime is not his. (To this day, Gundy has not said whose physical evidence is at the scene.) He will be tried by the San Diego DA for his four other murders in California.” Gundy explained that a detailed confession by itself was not enough to convict Urdiales. There was physical evidence on the four other murders.

Not long after Gundy’s statement to us, a lady working in an Illinois State’s Attorney office phoned to ask if one or both of us would testify during the penalty phase of Urdiales’ trial for a third murder in downstate Illinois.  Genelle replied, “Absolutely not, Urdiales is not being tried in Orange County for Robbin’s murder; maybe he did not commit the murder!” The lady said she was going to call the Orange County DA to find out what was going on. Genelle told her, “Maybe I can get the truth if I go to the media!”
After this conversation, we began to notice evidence of overt harassment, starting with tapped phones and home break-in.

Types of harassment:  

  • Phone taps, computer taps;
  • Several home break-ins. Damage to furniture and woodwork. Theft or rearranging of personal items, photos, accessories;
  • Listening devices inside the home;
  • Electronic interference within the home and backyard;
  • Repeated interference with credit card purchases and purchase surveillance
  • Monitoring auto travel – following and tracking devices;
  • Interference with safety deposit box access at Bank of America;
  • Monitoring mail;
  • misdirected 911 call during an home break-in emergency
  • Blue beams directed into the home;
  • Attempts by neighbor to entrap Genelle in illegal activity;
  • Surveillance of home;
  • Ariel surveillance;
  • Attacking Genelle’s health – dental and surgical procedures

We think the gas lighting surveillance and harassment is over now for several reasons:

  • Does not work on the target-victim, no fright, no terror, no bending of will
  • We went public on the website
  • We informed the new OC Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, of the harassment. She is a budget cutter and she put an end to this and all useless actions and expense.
  • We informed Asst. Atty. Gen. Schons. He ended it too.

Unfortunately, the cover-up worked. After 28 years, maybe 30 years before trial, the serial murder of five young California women is interesting, but, its old news. The public sees much worse on television news and crime shows every day. Nobody cares.

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