Robbin’s Murder, Suspects and Motive

According to Sheriff’s Detective Mike Stephany, our prime suspect, the female student, was the last person seen with Robbin before she was murdered. Det. Stephany said that Robbin left the concert with the student-suspect, an arrangement insisted upon by the suspect to supposedly escort each other to their cars on a dangerous campus. The suspect is the only person with the motive, hatred and opportunity to murder Robbin. The suspect led an unsuspecting Robbin to her death.

Andrew Urdiales Confession: Urdiales, a serial murderer of eight women, used the word “we” when describing Robbin’s murder. He does not use “we” in any of his seven other confessions. “WE” means only one thing – plural, more than one person participated in Robbin’s murder.

Robbin Brandley

  • January 18, 1986. Robbin was murdered on a dark, dangerous, poorly guarded and unlighted parking lot at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo. She was viciously stabbed over 40 times. She was not robbed or sexually molested.
  • Robbin turned 23 years old one month prior to her murder. She was never married; she lived at home while working and attending college. She was preparing to transfer to the University of California San Diego - UCSD to earn a degree in communications.
  • Robbin had no steady boy friends or romantic entanglements. She was never married. Robbin was eagerly focusing on starting a career before marriage and starting a family.
  • Detectives found that Robbin was well adjusted, she had strong family ties and support; she was very well liked by all her friends and associates.           
  • Robbin was outgoing and ready to help others when asked. She was active in campus government, scholastic societies and charitable work. One of her last acts was to arrange, and raise money for, a fund to help the Mission Viejo victims of the Night Stalker serial murderer.
  • The murderers of Robbin had rage, anger and hatred toward her. There is no other explanation for the viciousness of the murder. A detective told us the murderer was most likely an enraged, very angry, woman because of the particular violence and cruelty. Urdiales confessed that “we” murdered Robbin.
  • Robbin was a student volunteer usher at a piano concert. She was attacked at her car after leaving the artist’s reception, approximately 10:30 PM.
  • A female student was identified by the Dean of Students and fellow students as a probable suspect. She is the same suspect we identified to the Sheriff’s detectives because we learned she had a $10,000 financial motive and a deep hatred for Robbin whom she blamed for ruining her plans.
  • The suspect was infuriated that the Dean of Students assigned Robbin to work on a concert project that the suspect and an instructor were developing for the campus. The Dean learned that the suspect and a school instructor planned to profit personally from the event by charging a $10,000 management fee.
  • Robbin played no part in the Dean’s decision; she had no prior knowledge of the $10,000 fee. The Dean wanted Robbin working on the concert project because of her excellent work in producing a campus “warm up” concert by the popular group The Thompson Twins
  • At a meeting called by the Dean of Students, the student-suspect threw the concert proposal at Robbin, yelling, “the ball is in your court now!” She walked out of the meeting very agitated and angry.
  • The suspect came from a dysfunctional family. She was an alcoholic and a drug user. She was promiscuous and used sex as a tool to overcome her shortcomings and to accomplish her goals.
  • On the night of Robbin’s murder, the student-suspect and Robbin volunteered as ushers at a campus piano concert. During the evening a teacher said she asked Robbin who the girl was glaring at Robbin with hatred. Robbin identified the student-suspect.
  • The suspect described to detectives the appearance of a non-existent man: first the man was dark with an overcoat, and then the man wore a hunting jacket and had blond hair and freckles. She said the man asked for Robbin. No other person reports seeing a man with these descriptions: he was a straw man created by the suspect to divert suspicion from herself.
  • The suspect made plans with Robbin to escort each other to their cars, a logical safeguard on a dangerous campus that recently experienced sexual attacks and rape. Students, faculty and employees were fearful at night while walking on the poorly lighted campus and parking lots.
  • Det. Stephany told Genelle that concert attendees saw Robbin and the suspect walk together from the artist’s reception party. He then changed his report to say the two women left separately. His change was contradicted by several students attendees.           
  • A male student friend of Robbin’s told us that he asked Robbin if she wanted an escort. Robbin said no thanks, stating that she and the student-suspect were escorting each other on a dangerous parking lot.
  • The campus administration had not adequately fixed the campus security problems. Campus official’s inaction and ignoring of the crime problem created a perfect place for committing violent crime and successful escape. The Sheriff had no problem blaming an “unknown” person who disappears after murdering with no motive. This made it easy for the Sheriff to declare a cold case, an unsolvable mystery.
  • Robbin was in excellent health. She worked out, exercised, and was athletic; she was not docile, submissive or fearful. Robbin fought to protect herself but she was unable to scream or run to help and safety to the auditorium which was close by the murder scene.
  • We believe a minimum of two or more people were required to murder Robbin; one to attack with a knife while the other(s) suppressed her. We believe the student suspect was the actual murderer.
  • After Robbin, Urdiales became a serial murderer. Urdiales, a small, cowardly man, supposedly changed his MO to using a gun and murdering prostitutes; impersonal weapons and situations where he controlled the events and the victims.
  • The question arises as to why he would be careless and use a knife, a personal weapon, against a victim who would fight back, and, why he would murder an unknown victim so passionately when he killed his other victims dispassionately.
  • In his confession, Urdiales said he followed Robbin and that she saw him from some distance before he got to her. Robbin was well aware of campus crime and her personal safety; it is not believable that she would not react, escape to safety, when followed by a stranger on a dark parking lot. We believe Robbin was not alone, that she was walking with the student suspect and felt a sense of security.
  • Urdiales confessed that he held Robbin and covered her mouth with his “hands.” Robbin was struggling to defend herself so it would be a major task to hold her to prevent screams that would alert the concert attendees and those walking to their cars. He would have to hold her while stabbing over 40 times, another strenuous effort. It is implausible he acted alone.
  • Urdiales uses the word “we” several times in his confession. He does not use “we” in any of his seven other confessions.
  • Sheriff Gates said that the murder was a robbery gone wrong. When asked about Robbin’s purse, Urdiales says that the purse had nothing to do with the crime. He says: “I think it was her that “we” wanted and “we” just sat there for awhile.”li>
  • Gates theory was an attempt to boost the “cold case” conclusion. He could not say the murder was planned, that robbery had nothing to do with the reason. The Sheriff did not want it known that a student-suspect, and instructor committed a campus murder.
  • Urdiales was surprised by the stabbing. He has no clear recollection of how the stabbing started or why; he says things were dark and fuzzy.  We believe that Urdiales did not do the stabbing. We believe that the female student viciously stabbed Robbin, perhaps with the aid of the student instructor who was helping Urdiales hold Robbin or acting as a look-out.
  • Urdiales says: “We wiped the blood (from the knife) somewhere; I don’t remember where “we” did it.
  • Urdiales defense attorney in his Cook County, IL trial tried to use the “we” in his confession to prove Urdiales heard voices, that he was mentally ill. The jury discarded that theory. Subsequent appellate hearings discarded the theory.
  • Urdiales’ Chicago defense attorney stated that Urdiales told Robbin he was sorry before he left her to die. This comment from a dispassionate killer? Perhaps he believed his purpose was to frighten Robbin, not to be an accomplice in a murder. He was surprised and may have felt remorse that the attack turned into a vicious murder.
  • The question also arises about why Urdiales was on the campus at 10:00 PM on a Saturday night. He would not find his preferred target, a prostitute, there. We believe Urdiales was on campus as an accomplice to frighten Robbin.
  • Finally, the prosecutor Gundy told us that the physical evidence at the scene WAS NOT Urdiales’. This could only be true if Urdiales was not wielding the knife, was not scratched by Robbin nor left hair or skin samples.

We want to know who’s physical evidence IS at the scene. We want to know if blood samples of the student-suspect and instructor have been taken and tested. We want to know if any DNA evidence has been tested and cross-checked in DNA data banks…if not, why not!

Shortly after Robbin’s murder, Detectives Moreno and Blackburn collected a blood sample from Urdiales. They told us that “we took his blood, we will be testing ALL THE DIFFERENT BLOOD AT THE SCENE.” We asked if we would be notified of the results and they said “of course.” We never heard from them again.


  • If all the blood at the scene was tested, and Gundy declares that Urdiales’ physical evidence is not at the scene, then whose blood, besides Robbin’s, is at the scene?
  • We want to know if an unknown female’s DNA was at the scene. If so, we demand that our student suspect be forced to give a DNA sample.
  • For 23 years we have been lied to about the physical evidence. It is time to stop the lies.

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